PC/MAC Repair

Get Your Broken Computer Fixed Quickly

Get Your Broken Computer Fixed Quickly

Schedule PC repair services in Nampa, ID

Computers are made of many intricate parts, and even one broken part can cause the entire machine to stop working. But you don't have to know what's wrong to know you have a problem. You can rely on Tech Smart Computer Repair for PC repair services no matter what the issue is.

Our professional computer technician will examine your PC to find the problem. Then, we'll replace the faulty part, charging you a simple $50 fee for repairs plus the cost of the replacement. You can also call us for Mac repair services and get your computer working properly without waiting a lifetime or spending a fortune.

Stop by our shop in Nampa, ID for professional PC and Mac repair services.

How we go above and beyond

Your computer is important, and you want to know the technician you hire will treat it with the care it deserves. Turn to Tech Smart Computer Repair because...

  • You can drop your PC off after work to get PC repair services on a convenient schedule
  • We'll fix your Mac or PC without destroying your data or changing your settings
  • We provide pickup and delivery services if you can't make it to our shop
Enjoy prompt, professional repair services when you call us at 208-475-4002.